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1. WalkWithMe 2018 is open to any person over 16 on the day. A registration form must be completed by each entrant.  

2. There is no charge to participate in WalkWithMe 2018 but we ask you to consider making a suggested donation of £50 to our chosen charities via the MyDonate fundraising page. You can access this page by clicking on the Donate link above.

3. A condition of entry is that you are in good health and have no medical condition that may cause undue concern or inconvenience to others. You accept that you participate at your own risk and that no liability is accepted by the organisers for injury, damage or loss sustained by you before, during or after the event.

4. All entrants must wear or carry appropriate clothing, waterproofs and footwear for an event of this nature.

5. Any sections through private farmland must be strictly adhered to. Dogs are not permitted to take part.

6. Please observe the Country Code especially with reference to closing gates appropriately.

7. Cancellation of a registration on or before the date of the event will have the fee refunded unless you agree that it remains as a donation to our chosen charities.

8. It is each entrant's responsibility to wear their walker number wristband which will be issued to you on the morning of the walk, and for your number to be recorded appropriately at all checkpoints.


Checkpoint Closing Times

1. At any time in the walk, marshals have the right to retire anyone who is walking at a pace that will not enable them to finish the walk by the finish-line closing time of 4.30pm (10 hours after the start time). Because the final section of the walk includes a river crossing by boat (which will close at 4.30pm), any participants who reach the marshal point at 21 miles at or after 2.30pm will be asked to retire and taken to the finish line at Moulsford School by car.

2. These cut off times are for your safety and the safety of the marshals and support services who are all volunteers.





Pace Chart

We hope you enjoy taking part in WalkWithMe 2018 but please remember that everyone takes part at their own risk and that WalkWithMe is not responsible for any injuries, loss or damage that occur during the event or during training. By submitting your registration form you are agreeing to be responsible for your own health and safety on the walk and during the training programme.  

*For the purpose of Gift Aid, £50 is a suggested donation.

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