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I am in total awe of all those who helped to organise and participated in WalkWithMe 2014. When Olivia told me about her plans and the people involved, I knew it would be a success but I don’t think that even she and the wonderful WalkWithMe committee expected quite so many people to lace up their walking boots and to raise quite such a large sum. The £110,000 raised for Action Against Cancer has the potential to be transformational. The funds raised through WalkWithMe 2014 have enabled us to recruit a truly outstanding PhD student. One thing I love about science is that with 6 months of training a PhD student can be exploring unchartered territory, making discoveries at the very cutting edge of scientific knowledge. The WalkWithMe PhD Student, Giulia Lucchiari is helping us in our attempts to develop a treatment to block ‘LMTK3’, a gene we discovered and found to be central to both cancer causation and resistance to chemotherapy. This is hugely promising work and Giulia is already growing into a pivotal member of our team at Imperial College.


I am sure that WalkWithMe 2015 will be another great success and provide further vitally needed funding to drive forward our cancer drug discovery and development programmes at Imperial College. Good luck to all those taking part.


With love and gratitude


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"The importance of thinking ‘outside the box’ is often overstated. One need not necessarily think outside the box to be a great business leader, financier, clinician or sportsman. It is often possible to succeed through doing what others are doing – only better. Research is different by its very definition – I think of it as the discovery of the unknown.

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It was amazing that WalkWithMe 2015 raised £50,000! This crucial funding has contributed to exciting progress in the lab in the last year on our two main programmes: the development of an LMTK3 inhibiting drug, that could be eventually be one of the biggest breakthroughs in cancer medicine, and; understanding cancer stem cells, which are responsible for some of the most malignant features of this terrible disease.