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What has happened to the money raised in 2014?

Introducing Giulia Lucchiari

With the money WalkWithMe 2014 raised Professor Justin Stebbing is funding a top level student for three years in his team and calling the appointment the 'WalkWithMe PhD Studentship'.  The studentship has been awarded to a young scientist from Italy called Giuilia Lucchiari. She begun in Justin's team in September 2014.  She is working primarily on the LMTK3 drug development programme which is possibly the most exciting project in the Professor Stebbing's lab.

Giulia and Justin

Developing a drug is extremely difficult and painstaking but if successful it could be a great help for many cancer sufferers.  You can read and watch more about this groundbreaking research at  Do take the time to have a look, it's an inspiring video.

Giulia and Justin

Photo Justin Giulia Team

Guilia, Justin and some of the

WWM 2014 team

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